Perfect Travel Tripods

If you are on the look out for sturdy but very small when folded and lightweight tripods then check out these iFootage Gazelle tripods I’ve been using.

These new tripods from iFootage are build just as well as all of their other products. They have two version both aluminum and carbon fiber. The tripods also come in different sizes.

You can get the tripods here:

Also you can find the Komodo K5 Fluid Head here:

By the way iFootage is also holding a really cool video competition where you can win some really nice and expensive video gear, including a brand new Red Raven camera!

You can enter the video competition at

Below is more info about all of the tripods from iFootage

Fastbowl feature

Centre pole feature

This patented and unique feature allows rapid removal of the camera and 75mm bowl head by a simple turn and push button operation. No more endlessly turning the the ball head screw to release the head- easily and quickly move the head onto other camera support equipment such as a crane. More traditionally, it also allows you to instantly level your camera too!

Easily adjusted center pole with simple and robust locking system allows for tripod extension and increased height. Center pole is quick and easy to remove. Also comes with handy hook for additional weight stability. Also features a 75mm adjustable bowl head. Center pole can be reversed to support an under slung camera…great for rostrum based work!
TA7 – 2.37kg
TC7 – 1.9kg

TA5 -2,42kg
TC5 -2.05kg
TA6 – 2.45kg
TC6 – 2.02kg
Super lightweight (TC7 is around 1kg without the 75mm ball head). Compact and very strong. Excellent weight for all methods of travel.

Super lightweight, compact and very durable. Great strength for weight ratio.
TA7 – 7kg
TC7 – 9kg

TA5 – 5kg
TC5 – 6kg
TA6 – 6kg
TC6 – 8kg
TC7 will take a whopping 9kg if needed!. Excellent size to weight ratio, handling many of the larger cameras and lenses.

Uprise series carries from 5kg up to a massive 8kg depending on model. Excellent size to weight ratio, handling many of the larger cameras and lenses.
Maximum extended height

TA7 – 1550mm
TC7 -1550mm

Perfect maximum height for interviewing our taller friends and colleagues.

Excellent reliable working height when fully extended.
extended height
TA7 – 180mm
TC7 -180mm

The leg spread on this means it offers lower shots than many other competitor’s tripods-useful when you are on location and need a steady low angle shot.
Length folded

TA7 – 670mm
TC7 -670mm

Compact and portable. Can be packed into a standard suitcase if required, avoiding the need to have special handling at the airport.
Legs and buckles

A choice of lightweight and durable aluminium or carbon fiber tubular three stage legs which are easy to deploy with just one hand. Precision engineered lightweight, aluminium leg adjustment buckles, ergonomically designed to lock securely time after time without palm pinch.
3 stage leg locking system

TA7 & TC7
22° 55° 77°

22° 55° 80°
Each leg has an automated locking system, operated at the top of the tripod providing a choice of three leg lock angles for set up. Again, single hand operation is all that is required. Simple, ergonomic and very efficient.
Rubber feet and spikes

As you might expect, the tripods have non-slip, soft but hard wearing rubber feet and once turned these reveal tough metal spikes….ideal for all terrains, conditions and climates.

Available in either aluminium or carbon fiber. Superior design and build providing durable, resilient, long lasting materials and components suitable for all weather conditions.

Be a Forensic Analyst of Your Own Work


Be a Forensic Analyst of Your Own Work

In order to organize my ideas for my book I am going through all my previous notebooks. I have had a notebook for years but it’s only been since 2015 that I found how to keep my notebooks so I they could become analog tools in the future.

While looking back at all the notes I took, from ideas to quotes to drawings (to the miscellaneous part of course), I’ve realized that:

  • Notebooks are the most efficient (and cheapest) time machine.

While going through my notes I traveled back to the place and mindset I was in when I wrote them. Being able to connect with a faithful snippet from the past was enough to trigger a bundle of emotions and vivid memories. I have the memories in my head but I need something to summon them and the notebooks play this part.

  • Your past self will surprise your present self

Having the opportunity to zoom out and have a broader view of where you’re coming from, through what steps, who you were and how this illuminates who you are today is another cheap luxury. When you look back, you learn to see the clues. You also find out that some topics have been obsessions for years without you realizing it, or you re-discover ideas that were left unused and might find their place today.

Overall, taking the time to collect thoughts and ideas during the present will unlikely turn out to become a huge asset in the future.

Looking back is also an essential way to grow purposefully.

This was reminded to me by Annie Leibovitz, or better said a quote I wrote down on one of my notebooks while watching her (recommended) Masterclass:

Stop. And look back at your past work. You’ll be surprised.

You just have to work and not give up during the miserable time, and just keep doing it. It’s rewarding to keep doing it when you think you can’t do it anymore.

It only gets more interesting, and who knows what’s going to happen with technology and how you want to apply it to what you are doing.

World renown cellist player Yo-Yo Ma recently looked back at the way he used to play the Bach Cello Suite the first time he recorded it, back in 1983 when he was 27, versus now that he is 62.

Yo-Yo Ma talks about having the attitude of a forensic musical analyst when looking back at his own work but also at work in general:

You know, it’s a good play, but I try to do forensic musical analysis. Okay, what does this evidence say? What does this person know? What do they care about? The person cares about having a nice sound. This person likes to make things look good. But this music, it starts your imagination going. Where is he taking us?
And then I see, well, there is this stop in the middle, has that person thought about that great interruption? Does that person hear the pedal point that’s in there? I’d say maybe subliminally a little bit, but not something that is front and center. It’s basically “Let’s get this over with. Let’s stop. No silence, no silence. Go!”
So you get someone’s priorities when you listen and you always get someone’s priorities. It’s wonderful to be able to say “okay this person cares about this, cares less about that.” You get someone’s value system.

I love this idea of looking at your past work with a distance and wondering “what this evidence says”? And here again, Yo-Yo Ma notices that getting back to one’s work time and again will keep on providing new information, because as we change, the stories we experience change:

Like a great book that you read several times during your life, each time you read it it’s the same book. But you certainly get very very different material from the same stories.

NAB 2019: Blackmagic Showcases Updates For Both Software And Hardware

At this year’s NAB, Blackmagic showed off two important updates—one software, one hardware—in glass cases prominently displayed in the front of their very large booth in the south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The first was the more recent of the two: The company announced earlier this week a major update to its DaVinci Resolve, the company’s “professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post-production” software.

In this update, DaVinci Resolve 16, one of the new features is the addition of a new cut page, which the company says, “is specifically designed for editors that need to work quickly and on tight deadlines.” The cut page lets customers import, edit, trim, add transitions, titles, automatically match color, mix audio and more. Whether you’re delivering for broadcast or for YouTube, the cut page has everything customers need to get the job done, all in one place. However, Blackmagic says the software still includes the regular edit page. In fact, according to the company, users can move quickly between the edit and cut pages to change editing style right in the middle of a job.

DaVinci Resolve 16 has other enhancements as well. The public beta of this version is available for download now on the Blackmagic Design website.

The second update, which was announced last month, was the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2, a second-generation URSA Mini Pro camera featuring a new product design and a new Super 35mm 4.6K image sensor. According to the company, the new Mini Pro, available now for $5,995, will have 15 stops of dynamic range, a high frame rate of up to 300 frames per second, support for Blackmagic RAW and features a new USB-C expansion port for direct recording to external disks.

For more on both updates, go to

And check out our NAB image gallery below.

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