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We failed to make Nowhere To Go 3 times! We aren’t going to fail again – we’re going to succeed! We found a new location.

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The Friday Roundup – Indoor Lighting, Street Photography and Tripods

Tips on Using Minimal (Indoor) Light
The bane of almost every amateur video enthusiast is trying to get decent looking footage in an indoor situation when you know the available light is borderline.
Check out the video below to get some excellent tips on taking this situation and turning it to your advantage.

Street Cinematography
The link below goes to a quite c…
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The Friday Roundup – Blend Modes, Bit Depth and Double Exposures

Blending Modes in Filmora
It is easy to dismiss Filmora as an editing solution because of its apparent simplicity but for me personally its simplicity is the whole point!
In the video below you can see a demonstration of three ways you can use the “Blending Mode” module in Filmora to complete three very different tasks.
How different?
The first as an overlay workaround,…
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The Friday Roundup – Drone Flying, Whip Pans and Stabilizers

5 Tips To Get Good At Flying Drones
OK I just love this video!
I have often written about the problem with gadgets and technology being that they are sold on a basic false promise.
That promise is that whatever new gadget, plugin, piece of equipment or accessory you buy it is somehow going to bypass the need to do the actions necessary to achieve a professional looking…
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The Friday Roundup – Isobuster Update, Camera Moves And Time Freeze

Isobuster Updates to Version 4.2
For quite a while now my “go to” tool for dealing with any kind of problem with CD’s, DVD’s or Blu-ray discs has been Isobuster.

The software pretty much does what it says on the box and apart from discs that have suffered physical damage it has never ceased to amaze me as to how much information it can recover off damaged to badly…
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The Friday Roundup – Dreamy Looks, Color Grading and a Freebie!

How to Create a DREAMY LOOK in Video
There may be times when you want to add a sort of dreamlike or surreal look to your projects or part of them.
There are a number of ways to achieve this type of effect and there are about a gazillion tutorials online to help you do that!
I have included the video below this week because it covers many of the main ways to do it, all in…
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The Friday Roundup – Zoom Transitions, B-roll and Motion Blur

10 Things To Do When You Get A New Camera
In my house I am considered to be a bit weird by my wife and son.
Whenever we purchase some new device, appliance or piece of technology the very first thing I do is unpack it and read the manual.
Then I re-read the manual with the object in question in my hands or at hand.
It is only then that I begin to set up said device for…
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The Friday Roundup- Foley, LUTs, Audio and Lighting Tips

Foley: How Hollywood Sounds Effects are Made
When you look at the differences between an amateur video and a professionally produced one you would get the idea that those differences are because of big things.
Big things like pro file formats, pro cameras and sound recording and more.
What isn’t so obvious are the million and one “little things.”
Tiny little actions…
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