The Friday Roundup- Drone Shots, Gimbals and Polarizers

Welcome to this week’s Friday Roundup!
So by way of explanation what you would normally expect to see as the lead image in the Roundup would generally be an image doctored by me to make a lame joke about video in some way.
Unfortunately this week I have manflu and as all men out there know, I am not long for this world, so sad really.
Anyway the best I could do was a…
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Don’t be Afraid to use Reference Material | Behind The Scenes

Getting inspiration from other works of art, whether that’s films, TV shows, or paintings, will help you focus the way you want your film to look, sound, and feel.

Even the biggest and most successful filmmakers use google images for reference material: so just remember – it’s not cheating!

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The Friday Roundup – Camera Basics, 4K Tips and Drone Shots

Super Camera Basics for Video: Shutter Speed, Aperture, & ISO
One of the key steps you can take if you are looking to up your video game and lift it out of the “home movies” level is to start shooting manually.
Most people tend to remain locked into the auto settings of their cams which includes auto-focus and everything else.
In many cases that’s actually just fine…
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A Guide to Using Contrast in Photoshop to Create Better Portraits

A Guide to Using Contrast in Photoshop to Create Better Portraits

One of the most important aspects of virtually any image is contrast. However, contrast is not just a single, global property of an image; it has many different forms and usages. This helpful video will show you how to master each of them to create compelling images.

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