Pinnacle Studio 22 Review

Before I get into this Pinnacle Studio 22 review fully I have to mention that this is only the fourth time I have included it as one of my recommended video editing software programs.
There are some important historical reasons for that so before you read any further let’s address the elephant in the room.
It is highly likely that you may come across some “less than e…
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Sony A7s –

Tilta Cage –

PD Movie Remote Air 3 Follow Focus –

SmallRig Shoulder Pad –

SmallRig Handle –

SmallRig Arm –

Per Gear A7s Monitor –

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See How a Famous Director’s Roots as a Photographer Influenced His Filmmaking

See How a Famous Director's Roots as a Photographer Influenced His Filmmaking

There are very few people who haven’t heard of Stanley Kubrick, as he was one of the most influential and successful directors of all time. But before he ever made a film, Kubrick got his start as a photographer, and this great video talks about how that influenced his career.

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17 Rules of the Coen Brothers’ Cinematic Universe

Enter the world of the Brothers Coen, a place “steeped in a slightly embellished reality.”

If you tried to describe the work of directors Joel and Ethan Coen collectively, what would you say? Realistic, but also kind of whimsical? Dark, but weirdly funny? High-minded, but also completely morally adrift? It’s nearly impossible to explain a Coen film without using multitudes of qualifiers to give your adjectives more context, but that’s because it’s rather difficult to nail down the cinematic qualities found in films like Miller’s Crossing, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Burn After Reading, No Country for Old Men, Inside Llewyn Davis, and the list goes on.

However, in this video essay, the team over at ScreenPrism has highlighted many trademarks of the dynamic duo to offer a pretty robust list of things you’re likely to see in a Coen Brothers movie.

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The Friday Roundup – A Pinnacle Studio Update and Much More Stuff!

Pinnacle Studio Updates to Version 22
Well I guess the top news story for this week in the world of video editing software would have to be the release of Pinnacle Studio 22.
With this latest release of Pinnacle Studio Corel have further enhanced what has become under their ownership quite literally a video editing and post production beast!
If you are unfamiliar with…
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YouTube Branding and WHY It Matters! feat. Roberto Blake

Tips on how to GROW on YouTube, why YouTube Branding is so important, and simple steps you can take to build your personal brand (with Roberto Blake!)


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— YouTube Branding and WHY It Matters! —

YouTube Branding is a critical element of any successful channel, but one that is most often overlooked.

Just like branding a business, adopting a strong, consistent brand in every area of your channel and content can keep your viewers coming back for more each and every week! But why is branding such an important element of YouTube Strategy? And how can you effectively brand your YouTube channel and videos?

We caught up with Roberto Blake to talk everything YouTube and personal branding, and there’s a TON of insights in here to help you take your branding to a whole new level.



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Improve Astrophotography Postproduction Using Photoshop’s Dust and Scratches

Improve Astrophotography Postproduction Using Photoshop's Dust and Scratches

You’ve spent all the time outside late at night, photographing the stars, and now, you have these images with all the potential and you’re about to process them. Before you simply dive into any normal routine for processing astrophotography shots, you’ll want to check out this new tutorial by Milky Way Mike concerning how to use the Dust and Scratches tool to improve these shots.

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The Friday Roundup – Finding the Story, 2D Animations and Plugins

Making it a Story
When I was a kid, very often friends of my parents would come over to our house after they had returned from a holiday somewhere and we were all subjected to the obligatory slideshow.

We had to sit in a darkened room while slide after agonizing slide was clicked and the person showing them would drone on about what we were looking at.

I am not sure…
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