How Animators Created the Spider-Verse

In Wired‘s behind-the-scenes video, Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Danny Dimian, VFX supervisor, and Josh Beveridge, head of character animation, slow down the action to talk about the stylistic elements and cinematic techniques that contributed to the bracingly contemporary look of the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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BirdDog Studio Helps VideoPepper Broadcast & Monetize Tilburg Trappers Ice Hockey Team

BirdDog is quietly becoming one of the most sought after companies for NDI production workflows.  Even if the NDI integration came from a different manufacturer, BirdDog Studios more and more are being brought in to send video and in some cases decode video streams. BirdDog continues to add more features into their products and with so much for them on the horizon who knows where their technology will go.

This case study from BirdDog highlights a production company in The Netherlands that broadcast and cover a local hocey team in the German league Oberliga.  The Tilburg Trappers have the expertise of VideoPepper’s owner Guido Hoogsteder to produce their live streams and bring in an audience who otherwise wouldn’t be able to see them otherwise.  Even professional teams are finding the benefit in finding a local answer to live streaming which can bring in an audience worldwide.  

“We now exclusively make our content available to and we love their platform. For the club it’s amazing because we simply stream our games live to the site and their whole business model is based around attracting viewers. We supply the content and they supply the audience. It’s a win for both of us,” explained Guido.

With the new revenue stream from the pay per view streaming platform, Guido instantly looked for ways to reduce complexity, reduce cost, and streamline the amount of time for set up. With a constant eye on new technologies Guido had been keeping a close watch on NDI and the BirdDog Studio NDI since it was first announced. As an early adopter VideoPepper proudly boast owning serial number 36 of BirdDog Studio NDI.

Since picking up one of the very first Studio NDI in the world, VideoPepper have added two more Studio NDI and a Mini. Tilburg Trappers are going live one or two times per week for 3 hours at a time. For every game they use up to four BirdDog NDI® enabled cameras which are all fed into a custom-built vMix live streaming computer.

“The only SDI at all in our workflow now is for return feed to the cameras so the operators know what is going out live. I understand BirdDog will be adding return feed in the future as a free update and once that is released we will retire our last SDI cables. We are very much looking forward to that day,” said Guido….[continue reading]

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G-Tech Workflow Video: Graham Sheldon Documentary Filmmaker Shoots on Red

G-Technology goes on location with Award-winning Filmmaker Graham Sheldon while shooting his film documentary, Cornerstone: Switzerland. On-location data management for RED Cinema Cameras in no small feat, so Graham relies on the speed and durability of the G-Speed Shuttle XL and Pelican Cases to centralize and protect all his precious footage on location back to the studio.

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ESPN Billboard Powered By BirdDog Studio NDI


The uses of NDI keep growing and growing.  The possibility seems endless and the innovations ahead are difficult to imagine.  BirdDog released this case study on a popular event that needed multiple BirdDog Studios to encode and decode video feeds back and forth in a labyrinth to produce a live stream for ESPN.  The live production company B Live headed up the project and they knew that they’d need the assistance of BirdDog Studio NDI converters to make this happen.  Running the gamment of NDI products and live streaming gear, the BirdDog Studios were the glue that brought it all together.

The production not only called for live streaming, but also distribution to many local and national broadcasters. There was also a requirement to send NDI® back to the large television the super fans watched the game on perched up high on the billboard. To achieve all this Jay knew he had to turn to NDI® and BirdDog Studio NDI hardware.

The technical challenges of the project were substantial. 4 people living on a billboard 80ft in the air, multiple camera feeds from the ground as well as on top of the billboard, routing video back to the television on top of the billboard; all with the video control room more than 250ft away from the base of the billboard. With all the live sources needing to be fed into the main NewTek TriCaster, NDI® was the logical choice of IP format and BirdDog Studio NDI hardware was the backbone of the entire production.

“The billboard was 80ft high and our video control was about 250ft away down the back of the building in the back parking lot. To simplify the setup and management of everything I decided to go with a fully NDI® workflow.” Said Jay Kopelman, Director of Digital Engineering, Video Production, Live Streaming and Digital Production at B Live. “I ran tactical Cat6 cable up from control to a POE switch up by the billboard. From there I ran out 100ft Cat6 to each BirdDog Studio NDI and cameras”…[continue reading]

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Paint Like Bob Ross Contest Finalists

Thank you to all the Painter artists who took the time to share their work in the Paint Like Bob Ross contest! I think Bob Ross himself would have been thrilled to see so many beautiful works of digital art, with happy little trees, majestic mountains, peaceful lakes and other landscapes in his style. Our judges had a difficult time choosing from among so many talented entries but have narrowed down a list of finalists. Winners will be announced next week.

Here are the finalists:

Enchanted Path by Deborah Kolesar

Enchanting Discovery by Kathleen Casey

Forest Walk by Marsha Leigh

Happy Sailing by Raquel Bigby

Hawaiian Coastline by Brandon Mayo

In the Heart of Winter by Ivaylo Voshtinarov

Thin Ice by Cary Cox

Waterfall Stream by David Boardman

Wintertime by Ania T.

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