Sony RX100 VII Video My Experience

  • I own the RX100 V which has a 24-70mm lens, I wanted to try the new RX100 VII because of the 200mm lens. When shooting crew from another boat I need a gimbal most of the time, I am not sure there is a way to shoot a full frame camera at 200mm on a gimbal. If there is let me know. I like the 200mm so I can isolate individual rowers.
  • If the crew practice is a couple hours I have no problem holding the Crane M and the Sony RX100 VII for the entire time, but I don’t have to, because the battery will run out before that at a little over an hour so I get a break changing batteries.
  • I love using the zoom function from the handle of the gimbal and also hitting start and stop. It is really nice not having to touch the camera. To do this you just need a cable from the camera to the gimbal.
  • Shooting at 4k is really nice on this camera, however when you do the screen with dim from full brightness to normal brightness so it can be challenging to see the screen.
  • The RX100 V that I own has a built in ND filter which is very handy because you can’t get above f11 on this camera, but they had to take the ND filter out on the VII to make room for the larger lens. If you try to shoot 4k 24fps or 30 fps the outdoor shots are normally to bright, so the only thing I can do it raise the shutter speed from 50 to 100-200. It is a little bit noticeable with a sport like rowing.
  • If it had 4k 60 I might need an ND filter because I would have the shutter up at 125th, perhaps it will have that in the next model. I would be up around 1/125th shutter that would put me in that 100-200 range I have been shooting with.
  • I know you can buy ND filters for this which is something I have not tried yet. They look like they are a pain to put on.
  • Sure I give up DOF using this camera, but I can get those shots with my full frame when the water is super smooth.
  • I don’t think I will by this version I think I’ll wait for the next version which should have 4k 60 so I can keep the 180 degree rule
  • Zhiyun Crane M

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