Canonҳ new Color Calibration service also includes non-Canon displays

Canon’s new Color Calibration services includes non-Canon displays

Canon launches a comprehensive color calibration service for displays, and the new service for color-critical environments also includes calibration of non-Canon and consumer grade displays.

Canon USA is now offering a comprehensive display color calibration service. Whether you operate in the film, post-production, broadcast, corporate or educational world, our goal is the same: to help ensure image fidelity. As High Dynamic Range (HDR) content production continues to become more popular, the need for finely calibrated displays has become more critical. With numerous evolving HDR formats, it is only through calibration that the artistic vision can be fully enjoyed.

In response to this growing demand, Canon U.S.A. announce it will now be offering a color calibration service for display products. The fee-based service can be performed on Canon’s lineup of reference displays – like the new DP-V3120 4K HDR display – as well as displays from other manufacturers. As a well-established industry leader in Service and Support, Canon’s commitment to professionals is further cemented with the introduction of this new service offering.

Canon’s color calibration service is available now and color calibration service pricing can vary by model. Follow the link for more information about the service to request a quote or to set-up a free consultation with a Canon calibration professional.

Canon also calibrates consumer grade PC monitors

Clients of this service will have Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certified Canon professionals visit them on-site, so that the calibration is tailored specifically to their viewing environment. During a calibration session, several key image quality elements will be measured such as, white point, primary and secondary color chromaticity, luminance and gamma. Each attribute will be adjusted to best match the industry standard that fits the client’s needs. Clients will also be provided with detailed pre- and post-calibration reports – removing ambiguities as to how each display is performing.

“At Electric Entertainment we had an exceptional experience with Canon’s on-site service and support reference display color calibration service that included HDR and SDR alignments,” noted Bill Ritter, Head of Engineering for Electric Entertainment. “In our case, we needed color calibration assurance in P3D65, DCI XYZ and head/full range REC 709 color spaces. The Canon representatives’ expertise and one-on-one experience was second to none. Any of our questions were answered quickly and professionally.”

This service supports both standard and high dynamic range (HDR) workflows, and ensures your device meets industry standard specifications (SMPTE, DCI, and ITU). Canon says that “for added flexibility, our team can perform calibrations on virtually any type of display technology. Whether it be a consumer grade PC monitor or professional reference display, our service helps ensure your panel is operating to the best of its ability.

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