Adam Noyes (Video production Specialist at Videoguys) goes over a basic 3 camera setup for broadcasting studio productions.

A Three Camera Multi-Cam Set Up Will Help You:

  • Achieve a more professional look
  • Maintain audience interest by switching throughout production
  • Help your audience focus on points of interest
  • Have a backup camera available when necessary
  • Access more options to reintroduce and repackage production in post
Studio production 3 camera diagram

Camera 1 is a wide of the full set showing everything. This includes products, tables, and possibly a rear screen. Thus making sure the audience gets all the information they need.

Camera 2 is a single on the talking head. This is great to cut to when the person speaking is just talking.

Camera 3 can be a product short or a z-camera pointing down at the product. Thus allowing the audience to get a good look at the product.

A Bonus Cam can be the presentation in the back. Videoguys uses a power point. Therefore that can easily be used as another screen to help ad variety to the live stream.

You can watch the full webinar here!

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