Cinematographer Cory Popp tells us his Storage Tips

How does the filmmaker Cory Popp manage to keep his footage secure so it will be around “forever?” It is due to his invaluable Lacie 6Big RAID.
Popp talks a little about how he became a director and his success.

“I love telling stories,” he says. “I love capturing moments. I love beautiful images. Filmmaking combines all of those things together and allows me to do this passion.”

Popp’s shoots documentaries, music videos, documentaries and much more. Atlantic, networks like HBO, Discovery and Travel channel are some of the places he has shot for.

In 2014 his first feature film, Ellie Lumme, premiered at New York’s BAMcinemaFest and went to play Cucaloris, Unknown Pleasures and BFI London.

Popp’s immense passion for the work means he is constantly working.

“If I’m home for more than a week I start to get really antsy — I just need to get back out and shoot and work.”

He stated because he’s in the field a lot, he needs all his tools to be carefully selected, in place and ready to go.

“When it comes to this industry, time is money — so it’s super important to have reliability where you put your footage because you never want to have to go back out and shoot something over.”

The craft of a cinematographer’s is a complex art and science of utilizing a motion picture camera to create a visual aesthetic that defines a film.

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