Adam Noyes (Video production Specialist at Videoguys) goes over a basic 3 camera setup for broadcasting outdoor sports.

A Three Camera Multi-Cam Set Up Will Help You:

  • Achieve a more professional look
  • Maintain audience interest by switching throughout production
  • Help your audience focus on points of interest
  • Have a backup camera available when necessary
  • Access more options to reintroduce and repackage production in post
Outdoor Sports Camera Diagram

Camera 1 is on the sideline to establish your 180 degree line along with your wide angle. It can pan left and right.

Camera 2 is mounted on the left side of the field focusing on the right goal.

Camera 3 is mounted on the right side of the field focusing on the left goal.

Both cameras can focus on their side of the field when the game comes to them. This’ll get mediums and close ups on the game action.

The Bonus Camera can be a birds eye view or a sideline roaming shot perhaps focusing on the audience. Coaches are great to focus on to get their reactions to plays or calls.

You can watch the full webinar here!

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