Cine Gear 2019: cMotion Cinefade VariND and Depth of Field

Subtle image control when done very well is subtextual to the viewer. To execute the effect smoothly and repeatedly can be a challenge. With the Cmotion lens control system the iris motor slaves to the Cinefade VariND allowing cinematographers to change their depth of field while maintaining perfect exposure.  The in-camera effect is remotely controlled with a cmotion cPRO LCS via the hand unit.


The Cmotion Cinefade VariND consists of a Motorised Polariser and a Static Polariser. When inserted into a matte box together, they form a variable ND filter that works as a standalone VariND or as a remotely controlled dynamically adjustable variable ND filter for professional filmmakers.


So, how much does a subtle yet cool effect cost? The Cinefade system costs around $9500.00. Well, considering how much you get with this price I think Cmotion has priced the Cinefade unit just right. Cinematographers can also use the Cinefade system in multiple roles, for example, from a straight VariND to speed up shooting or to smoothly rotate a polarizer when shooting car spots so the effect looks as if they polarized light is rolling over the car. One example we thought of when we were at Cine Gear was to use the roll of a polarizer to reveal a character behind a windshield or other pane of glass.


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