The Filmtools Podcast Eps. 4 with Director Cole Walliser

Each week The Filmtools Podcast will talk with industry professionals in a candid conversation about their career, relevant news within the industry, and about the art and gear behind filmmaking.

Cole Walliser on Set with Camera











This past week we had a chance to sit down with Cole Walliser for a live podcast at our HQ in Burbank. Cole is an accomplished commercial director having directed campaigns for Mercedes-Bens, Pantene and Revlon and music videos for Katy Perry, Pink, Miley Cyrus and many more. You may recognize him from his work as the director of the E! Entertainment GlamBot. The GlamBot is a high speed motion capture robot that has become a staple at all the major award shows.

We spoke with Cole about his journey learning how to film as a kid in Canada to organizing major shoots for national brands. We also talked with him about his drive to build his presence on social media as a way to expand his professional network. You can listen to our interview with Cole below:

This is also our first podcast that we recorded for YouTube with the help of the Panasonic team and their new CX-350 camcorder. Check out the visual podcast below:

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