Dalet Debuts New Remote Editing Framework for News, Sports and Reality TV

Dalet plans to introduce new remote editing technology at NAB 2019 that it says will improve the efficiency of journalists and other video editors working in the field or in remote offices.

The company said its new Dalet Remote Editing framework uses AWS infrastructure and Dalet’s proprietary caching technology to speed up bottlenecks in remote production that can usually be attributed to security restrictions, latency issues, or other snafus. It’s being aimed at production for news, sports and reality TV.

“This new remote editing framework provides a gateway to optimize content sharing across multiple locations without requiring the deployment of media asset management or production asset management beyond the central hub,” said Golan Tsarfaty, Dalet’s product line manager for editing, in a prepared statement. “It solves two key issues. First, it offers a high-quality user experience when editing content from anywhere; and second, it simplifies the network configurations and infrastructure management for access to central content by remote users. It’s an incredible technical innovation that is going to help our customers make a quantum leap forward with regards to mobility at work, remote productions and working with freelancers.”

The framework will include native support for Dalet’s OneCut editing system, with updated versions adding support for third-party NLEs through Dalet’s Xtend integration modules. Contributors can share locally captured content with the central storage hub via secure HTTPS connection, or download content from the main archive to use in a local edit. The new framework also provides opportunities for editing and collaboration between bureaus and sites, Dalet said.

Dalet will be demonstrating workflow options using the new Dalet Remote Editing framework at NAB Show 2019 in booth SL6610.

Dalet Remote Editing: www.dalet.com

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