Paint Like Bob Ross Contest Finalists

Thank you to all the Painter artists who took the time to share their work in the Paint Like Bob Ross contest! I think Bob Ross himself would have been thrilled to see so many beautiful works of digital art, with happy little trees, majestic mountains, peaceful lakes and other landscapes in his style. Our judges had a difficult time choosing from among so many talented entries but have narrowed down a list of finalists. Winners will be announced next week.

Here are the finalists:

Enchanted Path by Deborah Kolesar

Enchanting Discovery by Kathleen Casey

Forest Walk by Marsha Leigh

Happy Sailing by Raquel Bigby

Hawaiian Coastline by Brandon Mayo

In the Heart of Winter by Ivaylo Voshtinarov

Thin Ice by Cary Cox

Waterfall Stream by David Boardman

Wintertime by Ania T.

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