3 Ways You Can Light a Car Scene in Your Driveway

Forget a process trailer. Here’s how to shoot car scenes on a budget.

Car scenes are an essential and inevitable part of filmmaking. Big budget projects use process trailers—you know, those trailers that Hollywood uses to tow cars so the talent doesn’t have to worry about driving while acting—to get it done, and while everyone can appreciate a big, complicated rig that is used to do something seemingly simple, I’m guessing the vast majority of us don’t have the resources for something like that.

In this tutorial, Shutterstock’s Todd Blankenship shows you several techniques you can use to light and shoot car scenes in your driveway, including how to add weather effects and add realistic car movement. Check it out below:

Car scenes are not only fun to watch but they’re fun to make. Unless you’re shooting your subjects actually driving from the back or passenger seat, these scenes allow (and require) you to get really creative in order to solve the many problems that come along with them.

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