No Dead Scenes: How to Create Much-Needed Conflict Between Characters

Characters just saying and doing things isn’t enough to make a scene successful.

Okay, you’re sitting there re-reading your script and you’re beginning to realize something: it’s boring. But why? Your characters are interesting enough, the things they’re doing and saying are pretty entertaining—but everything just seems a little flat. You, my friend, might be missing conflict. If you’re a little at a loss on how to create some, check out this video from the team over at The Film Look. In it, you’ll not only learn how to inject conflict into your scenes but also how to check to see if that’s what your scenes are missing.

Most screenwriters understand that a script should have an exterior and interior conflict that span across the entire story—the hero must save the world (exterior) but first, he must believe in himself (interior). However, conflicts should also appear in each and every scene in your screenplay. No, it doesn’t have to be some big, hairy one like saving the world or overcoming a fear. It can be something as simple as a disagreement, a reluctance to do something, or a sharing of mutual disdain between two characters.

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