Post Meet: How To Become A ‘Full-Time’ Freelance Editor

Rebroadcast of our monthly LIVE Post Meet which you can join to ask your questions by becoming a patron.

The featured topic was “How To Become A ‘Full-Time’ Freelance Editor” followed by a Q&A with attending Patreon members.

Here is the email by Kyle that inspired the topic:

“Hi Sven,

I’m a huge fan of your channel and I am sure you get hundreds of emails like this so I will try to keep it short.

I am currently a A/V high school teacher as well as a freelance sports videographer with EVS and Daktronics experience. I also have about 10 years editing experience doing mostly documentary style videos ( I worked in local news for a few years).

But I want to quit teaching and become a full time freelance, continuing to be a pro and college sports videographer, but also an editor who does documentaries, movies, short films, music videos, commercials…really anything that will make me a livable wage.

My question is this: what steps do I take to be able to freelance edit full time?

I live in Houston, Texas. Do I realistically need to move to California? Do I need to email all my contacts about potential work? Can I work remotely? What kind of reel do I need to build if I don’t have too much specific movie editing experience? What tips do you have for building that reel if I don’t have too many movie contacts? Jumping from a stable job is scary…how much should I save before I do it?

I’m not coming out of college with no experience hoping for the fast track. I am very confident in my editing abilities and love doing it. Just wanting to be able to do it full time while being able to pay the bills and student loans and find consistent work.

Again, I know you’re an extremely busy and get these questions all the time. But any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks for all that you do!