Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD Review

The Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD version is strictly an MPEG editor with DVD authoring and full Dolby (AC-3) encoder support.
It was originally developed in the early days of MPEG2 editing hitting the mainstream especially when video camcorders were moving away from dv.avi files and into the new MPEG2 format.

At that time editing MPEG2 files or any of the newer highly…
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The Rules of Video Composition

Before we get into all the rules and regulations of video composition there is an important point to keep in mind here.
Most of the rules of composition for video are exactly the same as those for still image photography.
The reason for this is that video is just a progressive sequence of still images being displayed at a speed that mimics real life and creates the illusion…
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The Friday Roundup – PowerDirector Basics, 1:1 Aspect Ratios and Teleprompters

PowerDirector 18 Basic Training, Part 1 of 8
For any longtime readers of the Friday Roundup you would have noticed that there are certain resources I go back to over and over each week.
For example when it comes to YouTube videos I go to Tim Schmoyer and Derral Eves.
For PowerDirector I go to Maliek at PowerDirector University and The Sharper Turtle.
The reason I do…
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The Art of the Cut Podcast Eps. 15 (w/ ӆleabagԠEditor Gary Dollner, ACE)

The Art of the Cut podcast brings the fantastic conversations that Steve Hullfish has with world renowned editors into your car, living room, editing suite and beyond. In each episode, Steve talks with editors ranging from emerging stars to Oscar and Emmy winners. Hear from the top editors of today about their careers, editing workflows and about their work on some of the biggest films and TV shows of the year.

Emmy winning editor of Fleabag Gary Dollner, ACE









This week, Steve spoke with Gary Dollner, ACE about editing the multiple Emmy winning comedy “Fleabag”. You likely know Gary as the editor of shows like “Veep”, “Killing Eve”, and “The Thick of It”. Gary recently won the Primetime Emmy for editing “Fleabag”. To listen to the full interview, check out the below link:

This weeks episode of the Art of the Cut Podcast is brought to you by LaCie. As one of the leading media storage companies in the entertainment industry, LaCie has consistently brought innovative ideas to the market. Make sure to listen to the above interview for a special offer from LaCie when you shop on Filmtools.com!

You can read Steves full interview with Gary here.

The Art of the Cut podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Overcast and Radio Public. If you like the podcast, make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app and tell a friend!

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Adobe Character Animator Is Getting Keyframes

Adobe Character Animator is set to take another big step forward with the upcoming addition of keyframes.

Modeled closely on the already existing keyframe capabilities in Premiere Pro and After Effects, Keyframes in Character Animator will allow animators to change certain behavior properties over time, Adobe said. Those behaviors might include the strength with which leaves are blown in the wind, or the degree of tilt applied to an animated character’s cocked head or raised eyebrow.

Watch Adobe’s Dave Werner preview the new feature in the following video:

The ability to control a property via keyframes is indicated by a stopwatch icon; users click the stopwatch to create a keyframe on the timeline. The effects of keyframes are represented through an inline graph editor that can be accessed right on the timeline, where visual cues allow for easy adjustment of keyframed behaviors.

A keyframe context menu comes up on right-click with the expected ease-in and ease-out options, as well as a Create Replay and Trigger function. That allows users to easily configure a custom animation sequence with keyframes across multiple parameters as a triggerable animation that can be used during live performances, Adobe said.

Adobe didn’t place a date on the feature addition, saying only that keyframes are “coming soon.”

Adobe Character Animator: www.adobe.com

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Video Tutorial: The Art of V-Ray Volume 1

VFX artist (and YouTuber) Rusty Hazelden covers V-Ray from seemingly every angle in this guide to using the V-Ray renderer in Autodesk Maya.

The four-part, 34-minute tutorial is free for the viewing. If you already own a copy of Maya 2019 and V-Ray for Maya, you can download the project files and get hands-on — but it’ll cost you $20. As a bonus, your payment will encourage Hazelden to create more of these. Good tutorials don’t come easy!

Watch The Art of V-Ray Volume 1 below, or visit Hazelden’s YouTube channel to check out more modeling and rendering how-tos: The Art of RenderMan Volume 1 and The Art of NURBS Modeling Volume 1.

The Art of V-Ray Volume 1, Chapter 1

The Art of V-Ray Volume 1, Chapter 2

The Art of V-Ray Volume 1, Chapter 3

The Art of V-Ray Volume 1, Chapter 4

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