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Windows Live Movie Maker

Microsoft’s free consumer video editing software, Windows Live Movie Maker, was released today so let’s take a look!

First up there seem to have been some interesting changes at Microsoft recently and I have to say they are changes for the better.

A new head of the Windows 7 project development whose name escapes me, has insisted on two major points within the development teams.

First, that the teams co-ordinate with each other regularly and closely on points of compatibility and integration within the various part of Windows itself. This, to avoid one program messing with another has been a major reason as to why Windows bloated so badly over the years.

The second, to actually use the customer feedback that Microsoft have been gathering for years to shape the software they produce. In the case of Movie Maker this has resulted in some interesting changes.

moviemaker (488 x 304)

The team developing Movie Maker went over that data and found Movie Maker was simply too complicated by bells and whistles most people never used. All they really wanted to do was to share their videos, so tools have been added to do that.

They added an AutoMovie feature which automatically adds titles, transitions, audio and credits to images and video in the timeline. You can add your own music but if you want narration then you need to go to a free third party program like Audacity to do the recording then bring it into Movie Maker.

The program is compatible with .M4V, .WTV, .MOV, AVCHD, MPEG4, MT2, and 3GP but of course be warned that how efficiently it handles some of the more highly compressed video file types depends more on your computer resources than the software itself.

For output the program still only exports to .WMV (Windows Media Video) but ti does provide a very wide range of control over the properties of the files you create including HD profiles as well as 16:9.

They still call the transitions Animations and there are also some video filters included. Although not extensive in range they still provide enough choices for you to be creative.

Basic video editing functions like trim and split are easy enough to do although they have not included a timeline view of your project as you work. The entire project is done in what experienced users would call storyboard view and to be honest, for the newbie it is probably a good choice.

They have included a direct to You Tube uploading function as well as burning to DVD and quite a few other output choices.

All in all Windows Live Movie maker makes a great choice for the beginner or the person who really isn’t that much into the editing process. And after all… you can’t beat the price!

You can download the software here at Windows Live


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